Хепи Ленд - Щастливи Заедно Небе
Хепи Ленд - Щастливи Заедно Слънце
Хепи Ленд - Щастливи Заедно Яга
Хепи Ленд - Щастливи Заедно Карта

Happy Land – a happy experience for the entire family

„Grand Season Opening – on Saturday April 30 2016”

Whatever we say, the child within us never grows up. We try to control it, of course, in our daily duties as adults when we deal with serious matters – work, home care, raising our children. However, the latter is not exactly true. The children can be our excuse to relax and have fun all together, like we always wanted. And if there is such a place where children and parents can spend an unforgettable day full of adventures and emotions, have fun, try everything, not wanting to leave and always willing to come back… it would be a dream come true.

And do you know what – such place already exists. It is called Happy Land and is only 23 km away from Varna, close to Kamchia Resort and Shkorpilovtsi.
The Amusement park is surrounded by a magnificent deciduous forest, to the North and South, turning it into a fairy world away from the everyday hussle.
Happy Land Amusemenet Park is unique to Bulgaria for several reasons. First, its the size – located on an area of 30 000m2, it is the largest yet amusement park nationwide. It is housing a huge variety of attractions, inspired by cinema and literature and constructed in the best traditions of world-renowned amusement parks.

Take a boat ride along a river in the Jungle. Hide from the hot summer days and find freshness in the splashing waters of the Water Park. Have fun in the magical Lake with a waterfall riding water bumpers. Find Gulliver lying in another lake – take a raft ride around him, feeling like tiny Lilliputians. Have a rest in the BBQ Picnic area "Do it Yourself" – a green lawn with gazebos, sheds and barbecues, where you can prepare a delicious lunch for your family using your own products. ATV races for the more extreme guests. And for the curious – Map of Bulgaria – is a place where your children can learn a lot from the discussions with our party hosts, combining business with pleasure. From the history of Bulgaria we are taking you to the more distant past – the Dino World. This is the first and only of its kind in Bulgaria museum-exhibition of prehistoric life-size animals, surrounded by scenery and vegetation. The attraction is inspired by the movie "Jurassic Park" and just like in the movie our jeeps will take you among the dinosaurs. And they'll be almost like real, thanks to Animatroniks-art technology, allowing them to move and make sounds. And if you are feeling scared and got the creeps, it's time to jump off to the Houses of Fun, combining outstanding architecture, colors and designs, to explore the collection of curved mirrors and laugh with all your heart. Following the movie line next is the City of El Paso – Texas, where you will walk along a typical western movie street and feel like a real western hero in a series of challenges and adventures. Mexicana is just after the City of El Paso – here you can take memorable family photos under the sounds of Mexican music, wearing a poncho and a sombrero, among the incredibly beautiful peacocks. And finally – welcome to the Pirate Island of Tortuga, where a boat will take you to the secret cave of treasures of the pirate Bartholomew Roberts and you will feel the life of a real pirate, full of danger and adventure.

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